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How to convert scribe file to avi format?

It's really a big problem !

Any expert will help me?

Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

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SHUT UP YOU GREEDY INGRATES! I spent all night on this thinking I could just download it for a school project. It needs to be an mp4 or avi file. I can't do that, now I've been up all night with literally no sleep, and I FAILED MY PROJECT. YOU are greedy and the dumbest people ever. At least give people a one time file conversion. 

Tips for success from another videoscribe user:
1) read what a free trial can do instead of assuming it will do what you want.
2) if you are not sure, ask questions, or use google search or something.
3) plan ahead and start a project earlier so you are not up all night .
4) if you run into problems that you cannot solve, ask for help (nicely).
5) if you make mistakes, learn from them. Try to correct them. Don't blame others for your mistakes.

Some options for saving a scribe project as an AVI or MP4:
1) publish it to youtube, go to your youtube creator studio, click the video manager, use the dropdown menu by your video to download your video as an mp4
2) use a free video capture program to record your preview playback in videoscribe
3) save your project as a .scribe file and ask someone to render it or publish it to or youtube
4) save your project to the cloud and ask for customer support to help
5) pay for an EDU subscription for a month and cancel the rebills if you want better video size and format  options

-Mike (videoscribe user)



you can covert videoscribe to mp4 or avi format from this video tutorial :

VideoScribe is the best! not having the ability to export to any video format though is not very amazing :(

I used a video converter I already had and it did the job during the conversion (VIP Video Converter), so you can actually use any of the video converters you already have to just convert the file from videoscribe to MP4 / AVI.

Pro users using the current version of videoscribe can save their videos as AVI or MP4 without any converting or reprocessing.

Videoscribe can export video directly to an avi file on your hard drive and videoscribe can publish video to which you can download as an mp4.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

I made a video of 1:40 minutes, it's rendered after 16 minutes and when publishing it on facebook it remains 7 hours and no way no publication on facebook... it will be a problem form me if I pay an annual registration and I'll not be able to work easily...

If the rendering of the scribe went through OK and it is telling you that it will take 7 hours to upload, it sounds like the internet connection is very slow and/or unreliable. Are you able to try again when connected to a stronger internet connection? Using an ethernet cable instead of wifi may also help speed up the upload.

Acethinker Video Converter ( is my favorite app to convert videoscribe file to avi video. It's a free web-based application to convert video, you don't have to install anything. Hope it helps you. 

hola tengo problemas para subir mi scribe en youtube , me dice que no reconoce el formato 

(A ".scribe" file is NOT a video file so you CANNOT upload a .scribe file to youtube.)

You should do one of these options instead:
1) Open your project in videoscribe and then publish your project directly to youtube.
2) if you have a paid subscription, save your project as WMV, AVI or MOV video file and manually upload it to youtube
3) if you have a paid subscription, publish your project to instead of youtube.

related link:
INSTANT ANSWERS--publish-and-share-your-scribe-bootcamp-session-6


-Mike (videoscribe user)

What is the point of free trial? When you are not allowing us to export the video. What you guys have made is really dumb. Adobe Premiere Pro CC allows us to export even in free trail. 

Woo, you can export your video during trial to YouTube, FaceBook or PowerPoint. The other options are unlocked with a subscription but you do have some basic export options available to you.

Hi I just recently purchased this software/app to my MacBook for a school project.  I am having a hard time saving my file into an AVI or MOV or MP4 format. 

I do not see any option of "save as" on the file menu. 

Hopefully someone can help me with this. 

You can't save it as mp4 format unless you purchase the app. This app sucks I wanted to use it for my school project but mp4 format was unavailable. The only thing you can do is post it on your youtube and download that app by using youtube to mp4 converter.

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