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How to convert scribe file to avi format?

It's really a big problem !

Any expert will help me?

Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

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Hi Yao, 

Pro users have the ability to render their scribes to the following formats:




As a trial user, you can publish to Facebook, Youtube or Powerpoint.

In addition to what Joe said,

1) Video: How to publish-and-share-your-scribe-bootcamp-session-6

2) if you are talking about a ".scribe" file, that is not a video. It is a work file that can only be imported back into videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello I need help

I´m working with the free version. If I buy a monthly version, Could I save my scribes as video? I have created a "videoscribe" and I need to add it to a power point document. What should I do? 

Free members can save to powerpoint (assuming there is not some problem with the scribe preventing it from rendering).

Video: How to publish-and-share-your-scribe-bootcamp-session-6

If you have problems, then save your work online and Raise a Ticket  to tell support the name of the scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

how to convert video scribe video to wmv?

You need a subscription to publish in WMV. You can only publish to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint on a free trial

how to convert .scribe to flv or mp4?

( A ".scribe file" is an archived work file that has been exported from videoscribe. They are usually used for backing up your work or for sharing your work file with another videoscribe user.)

If you have a paying membership, you can import a .scribe file  into videoscribe and render the video to and then you can download it from as an MP4

If you have a paying membership you can also open your local or online saved scribes and render them to and then you can download them from as an MP4

FLV is no longer available as a rendering format in videoscribe. Video formats that you can render directly to your hard drive (with a paying membership) include AVI, MOV, and WMV.

Free members can only render video directly to facebook, youtube, or a powerpoint file

-Mike (videoscribe user)


its great programme  

i cant render to avi and wmv. for my project. i bought it software April29th for 1 year.. and only 2 project render successfully. rest project.. give up... please fix it.
always show message... cant not render bla bla...not responding bla bla...


Hi erpi apay,

Save your work to the cloud folder and tell customer support the name of it if you want them to help you fix the problems with your scribe.

Screenshots of the actual error messages might help too.

-Mike(videoscribe user)



Hello! He comprado por un año el programa pero sigue sin darme las opciones para descargar en wmv, flv, mov... por qué?

Hi Blanca,

When you make purchase to upgrade your account from a Free user to a Pro, please ensure that you log out of VideoScribe and then log back in for the changes to take effect.

To render, please click on the publish icon

 in the top right of the screen whilst working on your scribe, then select the save to video option (floppy disk icon). 


Once selected, you will be able to scroll through your format options using the + and - buttons.

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