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For pay SVG's?

I let my 6 month membership expire for a couple months before buying the one-off.  I just noticed all the premium svg's that I have to pay for?  What is this?  I have not noticed a large increase of the free ones.  Are all the new svg's going to be for-pay from now on?  This is upsetting.  I didn't pay $600 for software that asks me to buy more stuff...

Videoscribe now allows members to upload their own images for free (blue ribbon) or for sale (red ribbon). That's probably what you are seeing.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Joe,

We introduced a new service called community exchange in version 2.2.

This is where artists can sell their images through VideoScribe.

It gives our users more options in finding and buying images.

We will continue to add to the VideoScribe image library and are currently working on a project to update the old images and create new image folder.

More information on the community change can be found on this Instant Answer.

I'm glad to hear that VideoScribe will be adding more free content in the future.  

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