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SVG images created in CorelDraw X7 sketch lousy

I'm creating the below image in CorelDraw X7, then saving as an SVG. It imports into VideoScribe fine, but the sketch rendering animation is awful. Instead of drawing the nice thick stroke lines, it draws these horrible sketchy motions for the entire rendering time, then suddenly converts to the final image with thick lines... It's like my line/fill instructions are being disregarded and the image is almost treated like a JPG. I've played around with animation length and other tools, but no fix.

Can someone please help? I need to get this figured out ASAP. And please... no Adobe Illustrator solutions. I don't have that platform, I have CorelDraw. ; )

(You should probably upload the SVG if you want specific help with the SVG.)

I don't have Corel, but I assume the tools are similar so the answer should be almost exactly the same in AI and Corel.

Videoscribe prefers  to draw stroked paths (made with the pen or pencil tool). The black parts of your drawing appear to be made of filled paths( possibly made with a brush tool or some kind of calligraphy brush). I'm not sure about the red parts. they look like they might be stroked paths and maybe they just need to have a larger stroke size. I can't really tell from a screen shot.

You probably either need to
1) redraw any filled paths as stroked paths or you need to
2) draw stroked paths covering your filled paths and then change the opacity of those stroked paths to zero.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike, but near as I can tell, I'm doing all the right things. I'm using the artistic tool which clearly produces "strokes."


I downloaded Inkscape and reproduced nearly the exact same SVG the same way I did in CorelDraw and got exactly the result I was looking for. It sketched cleanly.

Unfortunately, I spent $1800 of the company's money on a graphics suite (CorelDraw) for a video project, and I'm a bit annoyed that Sparkol doesn't blatantly state the issues VideoScribe has integrating with CorelDraw generated SVGs. And also unfortunately, I can't use Inkscape as a long-term solution because it's open source and my company won't let me install it on my work PC. 



I'll take this in steps:

1) There may be slight differences in the tool names between Corel and Adobe but it looks like most of the options are pretty similar.

2) the simplest easiest way to make SVGs that work in videoscribe is to use the very most basic pen or pencil tool to create simple stroked paths with no fancy styles. This technique is explained in the tutorial videos and various Instant Answers and other guides here in the forums. Your lines will be a uniform width from beginning to end. I'm guessing that is what you did in inkscape and that is why the inkscape SVG worked the way you wanted it to. Just find the corresponding basic tool in Corel and you'll probably be fine.  I think the "FREEHAND" tool in Corel corresponds to the Pencil tool in AI and the Pen tool corresponds to the Pen tool.

3) If you want to use a calligraphy brush or paintbrush-type-tools that make tapered strokes then you will need to modify the SVG as described in "METHOD 2" (converting BRUSHED images...) in the following thread:


4) If that is not clear enough, or if I said something that isn't accurate in Corel, then upload the SVG to this thread.

-Mike (videoscribe user)
Thanks Mike - I'm under a really tight deadline to generate a boatload of SVGs, so at this point I'll need to work with Inkscape and circle back around to troubleshooting CorelDraw when I have more time.


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