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SVG images created in CorelDraw X7 coming up solid black

Hello - I'm new to both VS and CorelDraw. I just saved a 3 layer CorelDraw sketch as an SVG, but when imported into VS it is all solid black. I've seen this problem/solution mentioned with Adobe Illustrator, but not CorelDraw.

My CorelDraw X7 SVG save options look like this:

Help me, Obi-Wan, etc. I have an impending deadline and I'm trying to teach myself both software packages by the end of the week.

Check out the AI settings in the following thread and match them as best you can in  Corel:

(probably just need to change svg 1.1 to svg 1.o, and change unicodeUTF-8 to SVG)

Hope that helps,
-Mike(videoscribe user)


Hi Eric,

We do not use Corel draw here but a similar effect happened in Adobe Illustrator if you has CSS settings set a certain way.

My guess is from the screen shot of the save options, you may need to change the styling options from what they currently are.

Thanks, guys. I ended up exporting to an SVG and changing the "Styling Options in the save as dialogue box to "Presentation Attributes." That solved THAT problem, but now I have an issue with the sketch rendering, which I'll post under a different subject.


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