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Zoom out at the start

I'm trying to do a simple zoom. A logo being drawn in the middle of the canvas and then zoom out (down to 20%) and move to upper left corner of the canvas. It should an easy thing to do but I get the oposite "effect". The logo is drawn at 20% and goes back to the middle of the canvas at 100% zoom.

Here's what I get:



Here's what we are going to do:

a) add logo and set camera for the initial 100% camera position

b) add a dummy element and set camera for second camera position

Here's the step by step explanation:

1) click the thumbnail image for your logo in the timeline at the bottom of the screen

2) use the plus and minus buttons near the lower left corner of the canvas to zoom back to 100% and position your logo where you want it to start

3) click the "set camera" icon. Now you have your 100% starting position


4) now zoom out to 20% and position the logo in the corner where you want it to end up. (Do NOT click "set camera" at this time)

5) import another element. It can be any image or text, preferably something with a small file size. Immediately after you import it, before you do anything else, click the "set camera" button.  This will be a dummy element used to move the camera to the second position. (The logo should still be in the corner at 20% zoom.)

6) with the dummy element selected, change its draw time to zero (to prevent the hand from drawing it) or change the drawing hand to "no hand" if you prefer Any .

7) move the dummy element off of the visible screen somewhere so it cannot be seen.

8) When you preview your scribe, uncheck (untick) the "zoom at end" option in the lower right corner of the playback preview screen.

That should do it!

Let me know if you get stuck on any  of the steps

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike for your fast reply, I haven't tryed yet but it seems to be very clear how to achieve what I need.
Can this same procedure be repeated several times for other elements of the scribe?
I need other four to do the same on the same screen (with the logo remaning at 20%).


Hi Mike,

I'm afraid it doesn't work. I've followed thoroughly the instructions and I get the attached result.
Any hints?


Hi Ernesto,

From what I can see, the second element was okay.

The first element had a camera position set that meant it was not in view.

I have recorded the fix I did so you can see it.

I have spent the whole afternoon trying to save the modifications I made to the file attached.
For some strange reason VideoScribe hangs when I copy the first image of the bag, the handle, and I can't save it nor do anything but close the program.
Now I found out that I can't save the file to another folder other than the base one.

Can that be fixed?
Thanks in advance


Where does VideoScribe puts the base folder?


1) Any kind of freezing usually indicates a problem with your scribe or the images in the scribe. If videoscribe is hanging then possibly one or more of your image files is too large, or some camera zoom settings are too extreme or some other avoidable problem: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

If you know that one or more images have file sizes larger than 1 MB for example, you may want to delete them and try to save your work. Then learn how to optimize images down to smaller sizes like 5kb- 300kb (very rough estimate)

2) The base folder is in appdata I believe. You can do a search for "videoscribedesktop" to find it (might have to unhide hidden folders). Be aware that locally saved scribes are not in a location or file format that you can easily find or open in any way other than from within videoscribe. However, if you export to a .scribe file you can choose your destination folder.


-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Ernesto, sorry you're having issues with the scribe.

As it is a different issue than the one your originally posted, it might be best that we take a look at the scribe itself.

can you Save a copy online of the scribe you're having an issue with and raise a support ticket?

Hi Ernesto,

Thanks for the update.

Please let us know if you have further issues.

If you have an EU (not UK) VAT number, you can enter it when you go to pay and the VAT charge will be removed.

another issue, I have a complete video now, wich includes music, Locally I hear the music, once uploaded to Youtube the same scribe is mute, Is it normal?

Thanks once more!


Hi Ernesto,

Can you load the scribe and play it back to confirm you can hear it?

If you can't, can you add the music again and save the scribe before uploading it?

Hi Joe,

thanks for your help.
I have added music to the scribe, locally I hear it.
If I publish the video to YouTube then the music won't be heard even though I have all volume controls on!
Exporting it to a mov file and publishing that file then it will sound as it should .

Am I missing something?


Hi Ernesto

Not sure why that is happening to your Youtube video.

I would advise to create a support ticket for this one.

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