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Nudge the Canvas Back and Forth

I am making a movie, and by mistake I moved the canvas a bit, and then moved it back so that it was where I wanted it to be for my element to show.

However, it seems that VideoScribe has recorded this movement of the canvas as an actual event in the movie (ie. the canvas shifts up and then down again in the actual movie). I don't want this, but cannot figure out how to get rid of these "canvas nudges" from my movie, short of removing surrounding elements and re-doing them. 

Is there a way to set VideoScribe up so that it does not record erroneous canvas moves or is there any way I can easily fix this? I have saved my movie to my cloud space so you can see where these little nudges happen.

Thanks for any help you can give me. 


Good news!
Videoscribe only remembers one single camera position for each element. It does not record accidental nudges or corrections unless you click "set camera" afterward.  If the camera is moving in a way you don't want it to move, then one or more of your elements has the wrong camera setting and that is easily fixed.

1) watch the preview playback to get an idea of approximately which element has the bad camera setting.
2)  when you know approximately which element in the timeline is the problem, select an element slightly earlier than that one in the timeline.
3) click the earlier element twice and the camera will move to its "set" position for that element. Notice if the camera position is correct.
4) click the next element twice and watch the camera move.  (If you have multiple elements sharing the same camera position you should not see any movement).
5) If you have 2 elements that SHOULD have the same camera position but one of them is wrong, click the one with the correct position twice to move the camera to the correct position, then click the element with the bad setting ONCE and then click the "set camera" icon. They should now have the same camera position. (This is much more accurate than manually trying to move the camera to match it previous position.)

Hope that helps
-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi MIke!

OK that was really helpful! I didn't understand how the camera position worked entirely (I'm still getting the hang of it). That really helps me get it even more! I was going crazy trying to manually fix my camera settings and only making them worse. But the way you have explained it is really great.

I guess the camera setting is essentially the setting that controls which part of the canvas is in view during the "playing" of the element that the camera setting is set for.   Is that all the camera setting does, i.e., it fixes the canvas in place while the element is played? 


Yep that sounds right to me. I think you've got it!

Videoscribe will remember one camera position for each element in your scribe. If you don't select each element and then click "set camera" to save the current camera position that you want, then videoscribe will just choose a default camera position for that element, and it may not be the position that you would like.

Some of the tutorial videos and bootcamp sessions on the INSTANT ANSWERS page discuss how to set the camera if you want to see it in action.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike. :)

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