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Payment has not been accepted

Hi all , 

I cancelled my Pro monthly one 2 months ago , and I now want to renew my subscription , when I try , I read that As I already have a Sparkol Account you'll use the address and payment method attached to it , when I click pay now the following statement comes :- 

Sorry, your payment has not been accepted. Please try a different payment method.

I tried paypal account and still have the same Sorry Statement 

Plz help because I have a deadline , and must start working today :) 

Regards ... 

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This is more of a public discussion forum. Here's the information from the support contact page:

please raise a ticket with our support team. 

We aim to deal with your question within 1 working day.

Your previous support tickets

Alternatively, phone +44 1275 851407 to speak to our support team.

Calls answered Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm, not including bank holidays.

-Mike(videoscribe user)

Hi Magdy, I believe you have raised a ticket for this so we will reply there as it concerns account details.

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