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Hi Guys.

We have an urgent project and have been struggling for 7 days to get my designers' svg files to animate correctly, no luck. My knowledge of AI is limited so I cant tell her what she is doing wrong. She followed every single blog post that explains how to make your own svgs, no luck! Colors are just appearing, they are not drawn. Some frames have no color, the text is not drawn. Some detail also just appear and is not drawn.

I am looking for an Ai and videoscribe expert that can look at the completed files and please tell us what she is doing wrong. 

I will also consider a quote to redraw these so they will animate correctly. 

Thanks for the help

Hi Morne,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I had an initial look at some of the files and they do not look formatted to work well in VideoScribe.

One of my colleagues Kate, has written a very useful Blog post about Creating SVG files in Adobe Illustrator.

She goes through all the techniques and settings we use to create our images.

With these settings you will be able to create SVG images that work and look good in VideoScribe.

Thanks Joe, doesnt help much. She claims she followed that exact blog post!

Can you reccommend any ai/videoscribe experts that can redraw those images for me in the correct format?


Hi Morne, I'm afraid I am unable to recommend anyone to fix these for you.

Possibly someone in the community will be able to assist.

From what I can see, many of the objects in these images do not have paths and use artboard is selected within the files (section 9 of the article has a screenshot of save file with use artboard unchecked) so I would review the article again.

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