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Trial Accouning - Freezing on Upload to YouTube

I'm testing the program and want to see a rendering by uploading to YouTube.

Seems to render ok. Getting a prompt for a name, descriptions and tags.

Then - just a blank white space in the application window. I was expecting perhaps a prompt for my YouTube info. It just hangs. Left it sitting that wait for a long time.

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I tried the render to PowerPoint and it worked. Must be something related to YouTube. I have a fast and reliable internet connection so that shouldn't be a problem. Just started the trial so I am running version 2.2.4 PC (Windows).

Make sure you have created a youtube channel, made it public and verified it by email.

If you do all of that and still have a problem, support may have other suggestions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Yes - I have a channel that is public and verified by email. I have had it for years.

Does the email I used for VideoScribe need to match my google account?

If yes, that could be the problem since I am using a different email account for VideoScribe than what is used for my YouTube id.

For VideoScribe, should it be prompting me for some YouTube login info? Right now, it is not.

Hi Matt, thanks for taking up the trial and sorry you have this issue.

When you go to render to Youtube, you need to add your credentials

for your YouTube/Google account.

The blank screen you describe is typically where you add these.

VideoScribe essentially loads a browser page within this space for your to log in.

It sounds like the browser is not loading correctly.

Can you confirm what is your default browser?

Are you able to try clearing cache/cookies and then close any browser screens you have before retrying?

It does not need to be the same email address you used for VideoScribe I think it is an issue with how the browser is loading within the application.

Joe - Thank you for the advice. Still not working.

Checked to make sure Internet Explorer was default and cleared cache/history/cookies. Did not work.

Changed to Google Chrome as default and cleared cache/history/cookies. Did not work.

Screen shot of where application is freezing is attached.

I upgraded to Windows 10 over the weekend. Could that be part of the problem?

I have tried advice seen in other posts:

  • Save file to new file with different name - did not work
  • Save file to cloud - did not work

Any help will be appreciated so that I can finish testing during trial period this week.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing the scribe to the cloud.

I can confirm that I can upload this file to Youtube without any issues (Can share the link with your permission on this post).

The screen shot you provided is helpful as it does confirm my initial theory that the browser is not loading correctly within VideoScribe.

It could be related to Windows 10 as my understanding is that Windows 10 uses a new browser called Edge. If you have recently installed Windows 10, it may be a security setting.

We have recently sent VideoScribe to test in Windows 10 and have not have any reports of this.

What I will do is create a support ticket for this so we can investigate further.

In the meantime, can you confirm whether the video renders as a Powerpoint file?

Joe - I checked the file on YouTube. It looked ok except it replaced the font back to Basic from Segoe Print.

Yes - the video renders to PowerPoint.

It must be a browser issue related to Windows 10. I will try from a Windows 7 machine here in the office to see if it works that way.

I saw the private email you sent and will review the videos.

Thanks Matt, 

Please let us know if you have any further updates.

Hi Matt,

Further update to this issue.

Windows 10 will allow you to upload to Youtube/Facebook once then it will stop working.

We have logged this as a bug and have issued the following announcement below.

Some Windows 10 users have reported seeing a blank screen when they try to publish to Facebook or YouTube.

We're investigating the problem but please be aware that Facebook and YouTube publishing is currently unavailable if you are using Windows 10.

If you're on your free trial, you still have the option to publish to PowerPoint.

And if you're a pro user, you can either publish to PowerPoint or save to file.

Thanks for bearing with us. If you need any help, please raise a support ticket in the usual way.

Hi, I have started the trial version and trying to upload on youtube but unable to do as the allow button is not active. pl see the attached screenshot.

 Customer support is not available on the weekend. I recommend that you save your project as a .scribe file and also publish it as a powerpoint file, while you wait for customer support to reply Monday.

Also, it may be a good idea to raise a support ticket.

See the support article- Can't Publish to YouTube.

Render the project locally and then manually upload. 

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