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Pay for 1 hour Tutorial


I am looking for a video scribe expert who can give me a simple no-fuss one hour tutorial. Maybe even an actual VideoScribe staff member could help me with this?

Here's the situation; I am working on my first video scribe, and I seem to be able to get the text and images down on the canvas in sequence all right. I can change the duration times and all that simple stuff related to single elements. I can add music and it works just fine. So I seem to be OK when dealing with individual elements.

Where I need help is making the individual elements flow nicely and look good as a whole. My video doesn't look good because my sizing of elements is not consistent, when they leave the screen they don't leave all the way so there are sometimes half visible words on the screen, transitions between elements are not elegant etc. etc. I am certain I am not using VS to its maximum potential, and I do not understand the camera angle thing (for the life of me I just don't get it!) so this is generally what I seek to remedy with a tutorial. 

What I would love is to find someone who I can connect with remotely via Team Viewer and Skype and have that person assist me to make my video awesome, and show me some tips and tricks along the way. I think one hour should be enough, because I have the basics, I just can't seem to make my videos look polished and professional. I plan on launching a channel on YouTube so I need to make sure I have video scribe down pat.

I live in Canada, my time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time) and I can pay the person via PayPal.

Please let me know if you can help me. I am not sure if we are allowed to post emails here, so I won't for now, and hopefully I can find a way to connect with someone who can help me.



I don't know if this will answer your questions, but:
1) I have made a new guide explaining a fairly simple process for keeping the camera in your control: CAMERA SETTING GUIDE for Videoscribe version 2 (2015)

2) there are official video tutorials and bootcamp sessions on this page:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Alison,

Thanks for your question.

One to One tutorials are not something we can facilitate with our team.

We do respond to any support questions and specific tickets you have raised if you're having a particular issue with something.

As Mike has suggested, we also have a number of tutorials, Instant Answers and forum responses that deal with general question you may have which are Free to use.

If you have not already, please have a look as you may find many of your questions are answered.

The problems you describe does sound like a camera setting issue and resetting the camera and starting again will probably fix the problem in a few seconds.

If you need further support or your want us to take a look at your scribe, please save it to the cloud and raise a support ticket, we will be happy to take a look at it for you and advise you going forward.

Thank you Mike and Joe. 

I took a look at the Camera Setting Tips document you have referred me to Mike. Right away I can see I have been doing it wrong by not setting the camera as the first thing I do to an element. I think I am going to start a brand new test scribe and see how those tips work out for me. 

I also, have not noticed those Bootcamp videos before, so thanks for pointing those out to me. I did all the other videos, but not those ones. 

After I try this again, if I need more help I will probably post it to the cloud as you suggest Joe. 

Thanks again. :) 


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