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any tips on how to keep your videos short?

I record the voice over first, but it takes me a long time to keep modifying every image's timing. Is there a way to facilitate this or should I make my video first and than make record my voice.

Hi David,

Thanks for your question.

We believe the best way to create engaging videos is to start with the Script (which then becomes the voiceover).

We have a number of articles on the Sparkol Blog with tips on the best way to create engaging videos including keeping them short and to the point.

This blog post discusses how to get to your point quickly more can be found in the How to series on our Blog.

On a functional level, if you are finding that you're spending time adjusting draw times etc, you can set a maximum draw time, pause time and transition time for all items you add to the canvas ensuring that they will not take longer than these set parameters.

After logging into VideoScribe, select the Cog/Settings icon in the bottom right hand corner of the project screen where you can set these options up.


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