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VideoScribe wont record my voice.

I have done a voiceover, and saved and the voice icon is highlighted but when I try to play the audio clip it is silent an so is the video when I try to play it.

What is going on


You may already know some of these things:

1) You will need to have a working microphone built in or attached to your computer.
2) make sure the mic is not disabled in the sound settings.
3) make sure none of the audio playback volumes are low or muted in the sound settings on your computer
4) make sure your speakers are on and working
5) while recording your audio, I think you should see some kind of red animation on the record menu when you speak. (I don't have the new version installed so I'm not sure)
6) sometimes there can be a recording problem with videoscribe if other problems with the scribe are causing an out-of-memory error, but I don't think that is very common.
7) you could try recording audio in some other program (maybe one that came with your computer) in order to test if your equipment and settings are okay.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

My microphone is turned on and working with other programs, my audio is on, when I hit record there is nothing indicating it is recording it tells me it captures it but when I play it back I get nothing

Same problem here. I used Tawe and the voice works well, so I think the speakers and microphones are fine. Is there any ways to solve this problem with videoscribe.... really need to use the voiceover function, please..... thanks! 

When recording your voiceover in VideoScribe check that you have the correct input source selected by clicking the plus or minus icon.


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