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random black outline

 Why am I seeing a black outline in a portion of a few svg files once they are uploaded into VideoScribe from Inkscapes? I have 3 images that are doing this and they are all similar. You can see the black outline around what show be a slight green background of a webpage. I did check to see if something was hiding in the layers and found nothing. What can I do? I have a project due Friday morning and these are my last 3 imported images! Please help!

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It's a bug that happens sometimes with perfectly straight lines or rectangles (or other shapes with perfect 90 degree angles) with no bezier handles on the nodes.

To fix it, open the SVGs in inkscape or illustrator and select the pen tool. Use alt+click on the corner points to pull bezier handles out from the corner nodes of the rectangular shapes and then use alt+click to drag the handles where you want them.

Save your SVG(s). Delete the broken ones from videoscribe and import the new ones.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


I was excited to see your response Mike! It seems like an easy fix, but I must be misunderstanding I click on the rectangle in the image, then help me to understand more please-I am using Inkscapes. I have the option of using the pencil, bezier, or calligraphy or brush. Which should I be using? I can't seem to get what you are saying to appear. I continually get a new line. Do I group the line with the rectangle? Or, are you just saying to literally use my Wacom pen to do this? Sorry-confused and over tired!!!


The pen tool is the bezier tool. That's the one you use.

Rectangles have a node in each corner. You'll need to do whatever inkscape requires you to do to select the rectangle, see the nodes and pull handles out of those nodes.

In illustrator, you use alt+click and drag to pull out the handles but I'm not familiar with Inkscape. If it is not the same, you may need to look it up.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Mike Metcalf, you are the BEST!!!

I fiddled around in Inkscape for a bit, because everything is possible it's just a matter of figuring it out, right? Anyway, once I selected the rectangle with the edit path by nodes tool and then selected simplify path-IT WORKED!!! The great news is that I could fit the image to fill the screen of the laptop image as well! Thanks Mike!

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