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How to learn Motion picture

Hi, Please guide me how to create motion cartoon image/picture rather white board drwaing image,

Simply guide us how to make moving cartoon picture in sigle slide 

Is ther any option available in videoscribe?

May i have to change any settings?? 


1) You can use animated GIFs from the videoscribe library or from other online sources.

Related link: INSTANT ANSWER-using-animated-gifs.  GIFs with simple repeating movements seem to work best. Larger, better quality GIFs will probably look better, GIFs with fewer frames and smaller file sizes probably will give you fewer problems with memory usage.

2) You can make your own animated GIFs in another program and import them. If you don't know how to make your own animated gifs, you can search youtube or the internet for tutorials about making animated GIFs. You can use GIMP (free at or a variety of other programs.

3) you can create certain kinds of motion and animation using MORPH with SVG images. Related link: INSTANT ANSWER-morph-images

(aside from "drawing", morphing, animated GIFs, and moving images onto the canvas, you cannot "animate" static images in videoscribe .)

(you cannot import videos into videoscribe.)

You may also want to look at: INSTANT ANSWERS page with FAQs and tutorials

-Mike (videoscribe user)

thanks for share the information

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