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Cannot publish as a video to my computer

I created a presentation 12 minutes long.

When I try to publish it as a video in my computer I get a windows saying "Preparing ...." but it never goes beyond it. I tried it many times, closing and restarting Videoscribe, but without success.

It does start publishing the video if, for instance, I select to publish it in You Tube.

At least I think it will finish it ...... as I am still waiting while sending this post, because it is a very looooong process to publish videoscribe presentations!

How it will be faster in next versions.

Hi Antonio,

Sorry about this problem.

Sounds like you are trying to render as a WMV and VideoScribe is running out of memory.

We are looking to improve in the next version of VideoScribe (2.3.0) and we are also introducing a new export option

which will allow you to send your scribe projects to render via our website (and also to download as MP4), so you can send it and continue working on VideoScribe.

In the meantime, I would advise you try rendering as a  Quicktime (.Mov file) which should work for you. 

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