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SSD - Why Can't I move the base folder?

I am using an SSD for my system drive. Continually writing files to the SSD is not something I want to do, as it will degrade it prematurely. How can I set the base folder for VideoScribe, so that I can preserve my drive? This is not a small issue. Sacrificing a several hundred dollar drive to use this program is not a trade-off I'm happy to make.



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Mark, if you are using the SSD as your system drive, then your OS itself and many, many other processes are writing to it constantly. How does VideoScribe's occasional save actions compare with that other activity? 

Hi Mark,

The Base folder location cannot be moved.

As Dave has pointed out there will continually be writing and rewriting to a system drive disk if being used as an OS.

You could turn off the Auto-Save feature by changing the Auto-Save timing to 0 which will reduce some activity.

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