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Can I publish the video I made with the free trial when I go pro?

Hey there,

I just finshed my first video using my free trial. I decided that I want to go Pro but I am afraid that I will loose my video if I am doing so. I already saved it as a scribe - so is it possible to just upgrade to Pro and then import my video from the free trial?

I wasn't able to upload the video to the cloud (I always get an error message) and I am pretty nervous about this whole issue. 

Can you please tell me how to upgrade without loosing the video from the free trial?

Thanks in advance!

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Upgrading an account from free to pro does not require you to install anything new or change anything on your computer so your scribes will not be affected.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


pls, i have go pro but I can´t render anything ! 


I can see you have logged in and published your work as a mov file a few times. Can you be specific on the trouble/error/issue you are having so we can help?

That my problem to

Hi Guille,

Please explain your issue in detail; what you are trying to do, what is happening and any messages you encounter.

can i ask, if i have go pro can i direct using my vidio free trial to save download in my computer 

Yes, you can continue to edit your video projects and and you can save your project as a video on your computer  after you go Pro.

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