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Scribe will not save to icloud

Hello, I have videoscribe pro. I have successfully published two scribes using my laptop and work computer. I made a new one on another mac and it will not save to icloud - I keep getting a message to check my internet settings. I have tried the following: (1) made sure there are no firewalls or other security blocks on my mac. (2) checked the camera angles, there are no extreme zooms (max is about 250). (3) tried changing the name of the scribe (4) tried shutting down and rebooting computer (4) tried logging out and in to videoscribe not using the autopassword (5) tried to remove the music (6) did a test scribe with just a single image. This is really frustrating. I raised a ticket about 15 hours ago but have had no respose. Your speedy assistance would be very much appreciated.

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hey i just downloaded this and its asking for a  password?? do u what this might be

Hi Leanne, I have responded to your ticket.

It arrived shortly after our office closed for the day.

Please see the information below which is also on your ticket.

Can you try the process below step by step and let me know if it works for you.

Upgrade to 2.2.4 if you have not already

Open the scribe (please also confirm where it is currently stored e.g. you are importing it from a .scribe file, it is online or local).

Save the scribe without making any changes to your local directory to confirm this works.

Once you have confirmed that, rename and save the scribe to your local directory and confirm this works

If this works, export the renamed scribe as a .scribe file and save it to your computer

If this works, please retry the save to the online directory.

I have done some tests here and there are no issues saving online.

If it fails to save again, please advise on the error message you receive?

Can you then try saving a test scribe with 1 image.

Can you confirm whether this works?

Are you connected via wi-fi?

Can you try an ethernet connection?

Can you try power cycling your router?

You mentioned the scribe failed to upload to DropBox could there be an general issue uploading from your computer/connection?

Hi Charon,

Thanks for getting in touch.

After you sign up for a free account by registering an email address and password.

You can use these details to log into VideoScribe.

If you have downloaded the software, you should be able to install it.

You may have to enter in your P.C's username or password depending on your P.C's user privileges.

I would suggest downloading VideoScribe again from Your Account page if you are asked for a password for any other reason.

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