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Hand position in relation to the object being moved in


I set an animation for a hand to push in an image and it works fine.

However, The hand pushes the image on the screen using its palm and not its fingertips which is more realistic.

Is there a way to change where on the hand the image can be brought in?

Hi Darren, 

Thanks for your question.

The default Move in hand option is set to this.

There are a number of different hand options in the hands menu at the top of the canvas.

Each hand set should have at least one move in hand.

Once you have selected the move in hand you want, you can re-enter the hands menu and edit it if you want to.

Once this is done, you can assign that hand to specific elements.

You will need to enter the top hand menu once you have done and reselect the hand you want to draw other items as the top menu selects the last added hand as the default one (Something we are looking to address soon).

I have attached a video to show you this.

I'd just like to agree with the original poster of this thread. moving stuff with your palm when your fingers are extended just looks incredibly stupid, and it's the default.  I've used other whiteboard software far inferior to sparkol, and even they can get this part right.  We're not cavemen whose finger dexterity is limited to throwing rocks ... please give us defaults that don't make us look like cavemen.

I wouldn't be saying this but you said 6 months ago you were going to address this ... should take a developer a minute or more since it's just a preference setting we can do on our own.  Maybe that's why you haven't done it, which seems like you're missing out on an opportunity to easily cross of a big in on your todo list.

We have been releasing regular updates to the software and it's just not a refinement that has reached the top of the priority list as yet. We are having a bit of a focus on the little things at the moment to just generally tidy up the software (new release scheduled for next week) and this could actually be a good candidate for inclusion at some point soon. I'll ask the question of the product team and see if they want to include this. Will be too late for next week but could be a candidate for next month/ I'll ask and get back to you.

Had a further conversation about this yesterday and the decision has been not to make this change at this point. While we agree the default hand does bring in items that can be hidden it's a spread hand and therefore is not using the fingers. We have other hands available in the sets which use fingers and the point of contact between the hand and scribe is the fingers. So we have set the points where we believe is most appropriate to that specific hand image.

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