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Arbitrarily choosing images?

I have a folder of .svg files that I want to insert into a Scribe. When I go to load the images, after the first three or four it starts acting strangely. It will either load a random image from those I have in the folder (often one I have already placed into the Scribe) or it will not load anything at all. I can open the files fine in Illustrator. 

Anyone else had this problem? Could it be that my copy of VS is just glitching and I should reinstall? Perhaps something to do with the settings I chose when saving the images as .svg in Illustrator? Any help would be great.

1) What are the file sizes of these three or four SVG files?
2) will you upload those four images here?
3) How many SVG files are in the folder?

Most problems with videoscribe are related to memory usage or corrupt files.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Andy,

Sorry you have this issue.

It is not one that I have heard of before.

Firstly, can you ensure that you're running the most up to date version of VideoScribe (2.2.4).

When you log in it will ask you to upgrade if you're on an earlier version.

This will initiate a download of the latest version of VideoScribe (you will need to close VideoScribe to install the latest version).

Once you are up to date, can you create a new scribe and try to add an image again using the import option and confirm whether you get the same issue?

If you do, we can try again after clearing your recently used images

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