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sound effect

Hi Team,

How to stop the background music at half way to insert

my own sound effect to the scribe?


Kok Leong

Hi there,

Sound effects are currently not a feature in VideoScribe.

We are looking to introduce them in a future version once we have them working really well.

In the meantime you can import an edited MP3 that have the sound effects incorporated into your backing track (Not available with Spakrol music).

oh..sounds good, currently l have my own sound effect, l would like to insert into my scribe, but how to stop the music half way to insert my own sound effect?
If your music is an MP3 file, you can edit it in another program to adjust the volume or add sound effects.

You cannot do what you are asking with the music tracks that are included with videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user) l understand, thank you very much.....

Hi Sparkol Team,

Just wanted to know, with the new Tawe, how am l go back to Sparkol to create new project?

l try several time to open Sparkol and it was not sucessful!

BTW, Tawe and Sparkol is it the same?

Thanks and regards,

Kok Leong

So Sparkol is the name of our company and we make tools to help you engage your audience. These tools include applications like VideoScribeTawe & Parafraze as well as blogs, and SVG shopvideo hosting and a marketplace for animators.

So Tawe and VideoScribe (which is what I think you are referring to as Sparkol) are separate applications and you just need to install/open VideoScribe on your computer to use it

Hi, Thank you for the answer! But sorry for make you confuse! What l means is when l open video scribe it apear as Tawe, and l dont know how to turn back to video scribe to continue for a new project! Regards, Kok Leong

That would be strange, how are you opening them? If it's from an icon on the desktop please make sure you are using the correct one. VideoScribe is on the left and Tawe on the right below.

If you are definitely opening the right product then I would suggest uninstalling Tawe and VideoScribe and re-installing. 

Download VideoScribe

Download Tawe

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