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custom SVG turn all black when imported

 Hi there,

since the latest update of Videoscribe I am having trouble with my custom SVGs. If i draw a simple one with a few colors (see attachment, open in AI first) and then import to VideoScribe, it turns out completely covered in black. How can I save my SVG so VS can match what I want it to look like, without making the file size enormous?



Hi Michel,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This issue is not with an update to VideoScribe but an update to Adobe Illustrator 2015 default CSS settings.

I have saved and and attached your image and it looks fine with the correct settings.

Please the the below screenshot for the recommended save settings for Adobe Illustrator 2015.

Thanks a lot, you were absolutely right! It looks great and, at 5 Kb, file size will not cause any trouble in larger scribes! Michiel

Thanks this was also very helpful for me!

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