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Setting timing for a long voiceover

Is it possible to preview the audio for longer than the length of the animations in your timeline? 

I have a ten minute long voiceover and it is difficult for me to animate if I can only hear a few seconds of audio at a time.

1) add any element to your scribe and set the pause time to ten minutes for that element. Now you can hear your whole voiceover.
2) add all the rest of the elements before that element in the timeline so that the 10 minute element is always at the end.
3) delete the extra element when done.

OR...if you have a written script and you know what elements you are going to use...
1) just add all of your elements and arrange them the way you want them.
2) go back to the beginning and start adjusting the timing of each element to match the voiceover.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Another option is to open your voiceover in a music player  so you can play/pause while you add your images in videoscribe. After the images are all added, go back and adjust the timing.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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