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Drawings and lettering

Hi Team,

If l need a drawing that basically the library don't have, does it means l

need to draw it somewhere else and input it?

And how to make the lettering in a curve way or in a wave form like l 

saw in the scribe wall?

Is there a tutorial for thatonline?


Kok Leong

Hi there, 

Thanks for your question.

We have a large number of images in our free library and many more from our contributing artists via Community Exchange.

The best way to find images is using the keyword search option on the add images page.

You can also import images from other sources such as openclipart or Google image searches (please ensure you have permission to use images).

If you do wish to create your own images, there is a tutorial which will show you the basics in one of our Blog Posts by Kate.

For Videos, here are a few from a  VideoScribe user called Mark Pearson

Using Inkscape to create an image for use in sparkol videoscribe

Inkscape Paint Bucket to create a sparkol videscibe

Using Inkscape to create a paint brush effect in sparkol

Using Inkscape to create text for sparkol videoscribe

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