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Copied files overwritten

I have saved a scribe file and then made a copy of it by saving it again, changing its name, and reopening in videoscribe. However, the copy is not retaining changes I make, despite the fact that I save multiple times along the way. In the thumbnail on the dashboard I can see the changes I made, but the changes are not in the presentation when I open it. 

I simply redid that presentation, and now it has happened again-- this time not even the thumbnail remained the same. I have the latest download of videoscribe, which was supposed to fix this problem. I have a help ticket in, but I thought I would ask the crowd to see if anyone had encountered and fixed this.

1. How do I stop this from happening?

2. Is there a way to make a template of a scribe that I can use to make other scribes without risking writing over them? Has anyone found a simple "make copy" option?

Hi there.

Sorry you have this issue.

There was an issue where if you where using a recovery file of a previously saved scribe would replace it when you loaded it.

The issue you are describing if different from my understanding.

Do you use VideoScribe in an Office or School?

If so there may be an issue writing the the saves to your local directory depending on your user privileges and whether you have a roaming user profile.

If this is the case, please Provide the information in this Instant Answer to your system administrators with special attention about the save location section.

If using in a normal network, I would suggest testing both the online/cloud save and the export save options to see if you get the same result and updating your support ticket. 

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