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Remove images with motion effect .


I would like to help if is possible using an effect where the image goes beyond the framework , as if from the effect of the hand.

Thank You

The hands do not currently work that way in videoscribe. The usual effect is that images are drawn or placed on the canvas and then the camera moves to a different (empty) part of the canvas.

With some TRICKERY, you can make it look as though a hand is moving the whole canvas with everything on it . If there is only one image on the screen, you can make the hand move it out, but of there are multiple items, they will all move together:

1) This works best if you are using your own custom hand image because you will already have the image in PNG format. 
2) import the move out hand as a regular image in your timeline right after the element that you wish to move out.
3) place the "move-out hand image" on the canvas in view of the camera (probably use the move-in animation option with "no hand" selected)
4) set the camera and then
5) move the camera to its next position for the next image. import next image. set camera position.


There are probably a few ways to make videoscribe APPEAR to move out one element on the screen while leaving others in place... using animated GIFS
but the gifs might be so big that they freeze the program. Also I suspect that large GIF hands would look noticably different than the usual PNG hands. As with the previous suggestion, you would need a hand image that matches the hands in your scribe, but you would also need to be pretty good at making gifs.


An easier alternative is to either use a scribble out to draw white over the image that you want to remove... OR use the regular move-in hand to move a white image or another image on top of the image you want to remove.
  (This would be INSTEAD of moving out, and it assume that your background canvas is white.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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