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Disable Automatic Updates


     I'm working on packaging VideoScribe for an enterprise environment.  This includes managing version updates.  Is there an option to disable automatic updates?

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There is not currently an option to disable automatic updates. When there is an update available a message will appear letting you know and asking if you would like to upgrade, if you select the upgrade option then the installer package will be downloaded. One option could be to somehow block that download (from your network side) but I am not sure if that would be possible without affecting downloading other items needed for VideoScribe to run properly.

The upgrade message does not appear on every one of our releases so, for example, if you install the latest version now (2.2.4), it may be that it is not until version 2.4 that we decide to have that notification pop up saying there is an update.

I think if you charge on a subscription model then it should always be up to date. To me that's kind of the key benefit of a saas model.

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