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My mouse is "sticky". It won't drop images -- well sometimes.

I can't recreate this problem EVERY time. But it happens about every third image or so. Here is what happens. I place the image, I then go to the timeline to adjust the image timing and such and the image FLIPS-OUT and starts following my mouse movements around -- it's like I can't "drop" it.

What I am currently doing it saving the scribe, force quitting VS, reopening and reopening the scribe I was working on. It then works fine (again for about 3 images) then it wigs out again and the whole process begins anew. This is NOT conducive to a reasonable workflow and I am not terrified the whole thing just crap out on me and leave me with nothing. This can NOT happen.

One other weird thing that happens is from time-to-time (again there is no consistency to when this happens) objects will only move with my arrows keys and my mouse can't be used AT ALL to move items. I use the same save, quit, reopen (shake my fist at the ceiling) method as I do for the "sticky" images.

Any thoughts?

Yup. I an on a Mac


I am not trying to use the Ctrl/Option to right click. I am not right clicking at all. My problem is simply importing an image from the library and having the mouse let it go.


I just upgraded recently and I have to say this version doesn't quite seem ready for the world. My last scribe done in V 1.3.26 was easy-peasy. I had little to no issues. This version I have to restart about every 10 minutes (or every other time I insert an image).

I have a massive project with an insane deadline that I assumed I could make because of the ease-of-use I had with V 1.3.26. I am NOT having that experience with V2 -- not even close. In fact when I downloaded V2 to my original account (I had to open a whole new account) it seriously FLIPPED out. It would not under any circumstances DO anything. I uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my machine MULTIPLE times an still the program just would not work. So I shelled out the money to purchase a whole new profile (Profile? I guess that is what I bought -- I spent money, used a new email and password) and THEN the program would at least open.

The most worrisome (and hair-pulling, stamping, cursing) problem is -- all these bugs. I can't recreate them. They just happen. No rhyme, no reason. And (of course) always at the most inconvenient times.

Lastly, morphing -- what is with the big black lines that look awful when morphing from one image to the next. I watched this video ( but am not getting that result. Basically I want to move an image across the page but when I do that this black blog appears behind it then goes away when the image lands in it's new place. Is that what morphing looks like now?

Is there anyway I can get the old version back? Anyway at all?


If you still have the old program installer on your computer from when you originally installed it, you can uninstall the new version and install the old version I believe

(the old version will not be able to open scribes made in the newer version)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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