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Images sets missing?

I started with VideoScribe early on.  I was away from scribing for a time, but now I'm back!  I created some scribes (which I'm sure you can see in my cloud account) that had images which came from sets (if I remember correctly) that I can't seem to find anymore.  Specifically, I am referring to images of People.  In the past, did you have image sets that were included (perhaps licensed from somewhere) that have been removed?

Any chance we can get those back?

Attached are a couple of examples for your reference (disregard the screen on the tank top -- I added that).

Image2.jpg Image2.jpg
36.6 KB

Hi Randy,

Those images are no longer available and we no longer have access to them. If you have scribes with those image in then you can load up that scribe and export the image by right clicking on it and choosing Export to SVG from the menu. Then you can import it back in to any scribe and it will also be available in your recently used image history.


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