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Change timing of a soundtrack?

How can I shorten the timing of a soundtrack? I am using the VideoScribe music as an intro but I only want it to play for about 5 seconds.

Is it possible to change the timing?

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I don't believe that there is a way to shorten or fade out music before the end of a scribe in the videoscribe software, although there may be some music clips that are very short if you don't select the "loop music" option.

Also I believe that this thread:
suggests that we are not supposed to take the music out of videoscribe and edit it in another program.

However if you acquire royalty free music from another legal source, you can edit it in audacity or some other program, make it fade out after 5 seconds, and then save it as an MP3 and import int into videoscribe.

Other users or customer support might pop in and correct me or update the information above if there has been a change.

-Mike (Videoscribe user)


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