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Imported SVG shows black fill instead of colour


I wonder if someone can help with a problem I'm experiencing when importing an SVG created in Illustrator. I'm currently using the trial version of Videoscribe with a view to using the Pro version for a few explainer videos in the near future. As a test, I created a simple blob shape in Illustrator using the pen tool (Layer 1: black stroke, no fill. Layer 2: no stroke, yellow fill) and exported as SVG. 

When I import the SVG in to Videoscribe, the thumbnail shows a black shape rather than the colour of the original file. When previewing, the stroke is drawn as a thin line rather than a stroke. Videoscribe then appears to draw a second outline (of Layer 2) and this is then filled with black. I've watched the tutorials about creating SVG files for Videoscribe, but wonder if I'm missing a setting..

I did come across this post on the forum which seems to mention something similiar to what I'm experiencing:

I have attached both the AI and SVG files, and also a screen recording of Videoscribe drawing the shape.

Thanks in advance!

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test.svg test.svg
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I've just changed ver to CS 2020 and ran into this problem. I solved mine by outputting the SVG profile as SVG 1.0, and under advanced options make sure CSS Properties has 'Style Attributes' selected

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