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Layering images


Is there a way to make imported .svg files not appear hollow? I want to have a car driving on a road and not be able to see the road in the background and can't figure out a solution. 



SVG images can have color fills that are opaque.

You can use adobe illustrator or inkscape (free at to add color fills to SVGs that do not already have them.

However if you are using MORPH, the color fills will not be visible while animating.

Your options for moving a color-filled image along a path are:
1) make an animated GIF or
2) use "MOVE-IN" instead of DRAW or MORPH for your animation type and use "no hand" as the hand option

-Mike (videoscribe user)


In addition to what Mike said,
a third way to make an opaque object move along a path would be to add the image of the desired object as a "custom hand", and make it draw (move along) an svg path set to "0" opacity.
Ohh that's a really good tip! Thanks!


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