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Over half of the elements lost after voiceover


I was recording a voiceover for my video and after finishing I noticed how the "processing" bar wouldn't load. I wanted for roughly 20 minutes, then cancelled my voiceover and recorded it again, only to find myself in the same situation all over again. After the third attempt, I simply resorted to restarting VideoScribe. 

When I logged back in, a window popped up asking me if I wanted to resume my unsaved work. Thinking that this may be my voiceover, I clicked "yes" and to my horror my video appeared with over half of the elements gone. Simply gone.

I tried everything -- saving it under a different name, restarting the software, logging out and then in... And nothing. There is just no way to recover my work. 

If I look at my video overview on my dashboard, I find this thumbnail with all of my work on it:

However, once I click on it this is what appears:

Please, how could I recover my work? This is really urgent. Thank you.

I have converted this into a support ticket for you and we can look at recovering your work for you.

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