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Free trial ended, paid for PRO, can't login..


I paid for Sparkol PRO on the last day of my trial. I received my receipt but no additional instructions. When I try to login, I receive a message that I need an account and cannot use the Trial.

How do I login? Is there a different link for PRO?

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1) Make sure the payment was successful,
2) Close and restart videoscribe. Log in again.
3) If you had more than one free account, make sure you are logging into the one that was upgraded
4) if you still have trouble, RAISE A TICKET and talk to customer support

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Please also make sure you have an active internet connection when you are trying to login, if not the software will default to the trial version as it cannot ascertain your account type.

I paid the video scribe for my Ipad more than a year ago and usually I can download my video anytime I want to without any payment. Why is it that the updated app now requires me to pay every time I save my created video in my camera roll???? Also, I cannot open the last video I created, paid an additional charge for me to save it in my camera roll. It always crashes every time I open it, thus, I cannot revise the existing video that I made. Please answer me what should I do.
you may want to click "YOUR TICKETS" at the top of this page and raise a new support ticket to contact customer support directly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The VideoScribe app was discontinued some time ago (May 2015) and is now not supported. We have replaced this with VideoScribe Anywhere and VideoScribe Now which are new and separate products.

If you have paid to unlock camera roll publishing in the new VideoScribe Anywhere App then I would recommend using the restore purchases button on the payment screen in the app to re-sync it with your iTunes and pick up that purchase.

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