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Adding blank pages

I need to add about 5 seconds of blank screen before and after my animation to be able to edit it into another video. How?


1) add an element,
2) set the camera,
3) make the animation time+ pause time 5 seconds
4) move the element off of the visible canvas

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike! Works for the before time, but not after since my element is still visible. I may be able to work around that when editing though. 

The instructions should work at the beginning or end of the scribe (or anywhere during the scribe.

If you currently have an element on the visible canvas, just move to a blank part of the canvas before doing the four steps mentioned above.

If you are talking about the final zoom out at the end of the scribe, you can disable that by deselecting the "zoom at end" setting while previewing the the scribe.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


It must be the old age. Mike, I am trying to get a blank canvas for five seconds before a hand drawing of a trumpet that morphs and moves into a smaller trumpet. And it isn't working for me. Ack. 

This may be clearer:

 1) At the beginning of your scribe timeline (assuming that is where you want to add a pause) add a dummy element. It can be any image or text element but you might as well use something with a small file size. This will just be a placeholder image that will never be seen in the video. It is only there to provide a way to add a pause

2) Before you do anything else, click the "set camera" button

3) With the dummy element selected, edit the properties to make the animate time zero and make the pause time 5 seconds (or whatever amount of time you want to pause)  The transition time can probably be zero too.

4) move the element out of the visible canvas area then return to the empty part of the canvas (or wherever you want the next element to be)

5) (continue to add the rest of your elements as normal)

If that doesn't answer your question then please provide a much more detailed description of what you are doing and what results you are getting or where you think the confusion might be.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks! It worked out well. I owe you a donut.

Excellent! Thanks for sharing your results.


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