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Bulk move of folders and settings to new PC

I had to re-image my OS on my PC. I wasn't able to export my scribes but I do have access to the data files on the old PC.  I want to recover my old scribes - what folders and files do I need to copy to my PC to recover them?

I think this will work assuming it's the same OS:
1) install the same version of videoscribe on your new hard drive and then
2) copy the "videoscribedesktop" from the old PC to the same location on the new hard drive.

I think the folder location is
C:/Users/[your username]/appdata/roaming/VideoScribeDesktop

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike - when I first was hunting this down, I was looking in appdata/local and couldn't find anything.  I was also searching my c: drive but maybe it wasn't indexed because I couldn't find the folder you pointed me to.

I'm going to change the name of the new folder to "VideoScribeDesktop NEW" and copy the old one into the folder.  I'm hoping there aren't any registry settings or something else that will get hosed up but will let you know what happens. Thanks again.

I still use an older version so the path may be different in the new version, but you can just search windows explorer for "videoscribedesktop"

maybe something more like c:\documents and settings\[your username]\Application Data\VideoScribeDesktop

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The cache, which is the VideoScribeDesktop folder that Mike talks about is not affected by the registry so you can move these in and out as much as you like, although I wouldn't recommend messing around with this folder if you can avoid it.

Don't forget it's a good idea to backup your scribes to your online directory (cloud icon) and this will make them available across all devices.

Mike - the path is the same on the latest version so it worked like a champ. 

Christopher - in my case, I have literally hundreds of scribes.  Many of them I won't use so I consider them "archive" content.  I don't want to delete them just in case I can either leverage one or I need to fix something so uploading all of them to the cloud for me doesn't make sense.  I do upload my current projects so that I can work on them from home or the office. 

Thanks both!

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