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Scribe won't upload to Youtube.

I was able to export my scribe, and when I went to upload it on youtube, it said I could not upload it it is "an archive file not a video file". The video failed to process because it was an "unsupported" file type. What does this mean, and how can I get around it so that I can upload this to Youtube. 

If there is no solution, how can I export it in a way to show my teacher, who doesn't have videoscribe himself? Thanks.

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Hi Emily,

It seems that you have been exporting your scribe as a .scribe file and not rendering it as a video file.

To render your scribe as a video file click on the publish render/icon   in the top right and choose your options. You can choose to publish directly to YouTube or you can save the scribe to your computer as a video file and upload to YouTube manually.


Direct uploads to YouTube are no longer supported.

You need to render into a video then manually upload. Follow option 1 in Publish and Share Scribes

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