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[QUESTION] Exporting Problem

Every time I export my 4 minute video the visuals on the last 2 minutes aren't showing. I can hear the voiceover but it just stops showing the images!

I've been working on this video for a while now and I have fully exported it before successfully, but for some reason when I edited it and tried exporting it again I keep having this problem.

Please can someone help me asap? 



Save your scribe with a new name, restart videoscribe and try to render again.

If that doesn't work,
save the work online and tell support the name of it.

Or read this thread to learn how to solve or avoid the kind of memory related problem you are having: TIPS to Avoid or Fix Videoscribe freezes, crashes, slowdowns, failure to export, or erratic behaviours.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike. I just tried your suggestion. Didn't work.

I think I'm going to save the work online and tell support the name of it.

Quick question though, how do I do that? How do I tell support the name of my VideoScribe.

- Cameron

To save your scribe online either click on the scribe on the projects screen and click the cloud icon or if the scribe is open click on the save icon and click on the cloud icon. Then let us know the name and we can take a look.

Thanks Matthew! I have uploaded my project to the could. It's titled 'Martin Teal Teaser Video June 17'

I have been successfully able to render your scribe with all elements playing until the end. I have saved a copy of it to your online directory with the name 'Martin Teal Teaser Video June 17 Sparkol'. Please load this scribe from your online directory and try to render again.

Sorry Matthew, I'm still having the same problem.

When I play it back (after it's been fully exported) the visuals stop after 2:12 minutes. All you hear is the audio whilst the screen is still.

What do I do?

Hi Cameron,

Sorry you have this problem.

It sounds like a bug we fixed that appeared in version 2.2 where minimising VideoScribe during rendering caused a similar problem.

Can you upgrade your Version of VideoScribe to 2.2.4, once you have done this, please retry rendering the Scribe as a .Mov video.

Do you still have an issue?

Sorry Jon, it's still not working!

What should I do?

Hi Cameron, sorry this is still an issue for you.

I'm not sure what is happening as my colleague was able to render the video.

What I have done, is raised a support ticket.

I am going to retry the render.

I have sent you an email with the details, it would be great if you can share the video you created that has this issue so we can troubleshoot.

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