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Portrait View

Am I able to change the orientation of the screen to portrait rather than landscape?  I am using the screen at an exhibition

I believe you would have to use a third-party video editing program to change the orientation or to crop the video.

Some free editors like freemake, iMovie and moviemaker MIGHT be able to perform those functions.

-Mike (videoscrube user)


Hi Simon/Mike, 

Any luck with changing from landscape to portrait? I am good with videoscribe and I don't want to jump to any other software to create animation videos but I would appreciate if you help me with the software you used to crop/change the orientation from landscape to portrait.



Now that I think about it, if you are just using a standard widescreen monitor turned on it's side,  the easiest solution would be to simply make your videoscribe video with all of your text and images rotated 90 degrees. When when viewed on the sideways monitor, everything would appear right-side-up. No cropping needed. you could. if you are using a device like a phone that auto rotates videos you may have to first rotate the video in a program like freemake so it has the correct default orientation for veritcal (portrait) viewing.

If you want some peculiar video size, you will have to figure out a way to only place drawings and text within the area of the canvas that will be the finished cropped size... and then crop the finished videoscribe video using your preferred video editing software. You can consult the instructions or help site for your video software if you need specific help using it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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