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Manually moving on scribes

The ability to manually move on the scribe when recording would be a great addition rather than having to stick to a set time.

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It sounds like what you would like to do is have more control over the audio and animation, so that you can sync them better.

We are currently developing a sound effects feature for a future release. This feature will allow you to attach your own audio, including voiceovers, to elements in the scribe. I believe this will afford you the control you're looking for.

Hi Christopher,

If I'm reading you right, unfortunately no, it wouldn't. The voice over I do is describing what they are seeing - since all the knowledge is in my head, there is no need for a script and I regurgitate it as required. Having the ability to move the animation on manually rather than automatically from certain points in the scribe allow the voice over to be more flowing.

So ideally, manual control over transition is optimal.

The way you are describing will still require a fair bit of messing around after making the scribe.

Thanks for the work you are doing though.

I agree... if you think Webinar / online presentation type of video. As I talk, I would like to choose when the next set of slides appears instead of trying to time the pauses to the time I think I need for each slide. For a 30-60 minute presentation, this can get very frustrating having to go back through and adjust the pauses or to re-record the track multiple times because the pauses are mis-timed. 

Are you asking for PowerPoint-style slides for live slide shows, so that you can click the arrow or mouse button to move to the next slide with arbitrary delays? 30 seconds on slide one yesterday, 5 minutes today because there were questions? 

If so, create short videos and import them into PowerPoint. All the slide show controls are there already, plus other useful features.

On the other hand, if you asking how to synchronize voice and animation in a video that plays back at a fixed rate (YouTube video), then you need to either: 

  1. Finalize and record the audio, then synchronize the animation to that
  2. Animate and finalize the video, then synchronize the audio to that
The choice is yours, I've done both, but #1 is MUCH more common.

Of course, the easiest solution is to record audio with an audio editor (Audacity), create short animations with VideoScribe, then assemble your 30-minute production in a video editor (Premier, Camtasia, FinalCut). Much more timing flexibility, plus the ability to incorporate many other visual and video assets. 

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