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How can I see my files

I had someone working for me who was using my account. They suddenly quit & now I'm not sure how to find my projects or cancel his access to Videoscribe software from his personal computer

If he was using his own personal computer, any work files he saved on his own computer will not be visible to you on a different computer unless he saved copies of the work online. Files saved online can be viewed from any computer using the same videoscribe account.

If you want to block his access, click "YOUR ACCOUNT" at the bottom of the page and click the PROFILE link on that page. From there you can change the name, email and password associated with the account.  You may be required to receive a confirmation email at the email associated with the account (I'm not sure).

-Mike (videoscribe user)


where i go to see my files????

Hi Sesi,

Which files are you referring to?

In VideoScribe, you have your Scribe project files that are saved locally to your machine (these are displayed on the project selection screen when you log in), they can be saved to your cloud folder (displayed by clicking on the cloud icon with your email address also on the project selection screen)  or can be exported as .scribe files to a location that you select in File Explorer. 


When you render your scribe as a video file (.MOV, .WMV or .AVI) you also select a location you would like this to be saved.


 I opened my VideoScribe desktop software, but I can´t see my projects, I tried to make a new one and I saved, then I try to go home, but I still have the same problem, its empty.


You should probably raise a ticket and talk to customer support. They may be able to help you fix it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I did it, but any answer!! thank you


Customer support works monday through friday during regular UK business hours.

Hi Luifer,

Please click on the 'Your Tickets' link at the top of your page to see our response.

Fixed, thank you!!!!

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