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Script Writing for Video Scribe

 Hopefully there are others out there who use Video Scribe to make some money because I need your help.

Many times I will be asked to do a whiteboard animation but the way the script is written makes it difficult to take on the project.

First, I can't draw. So I rely heavily on finding images for my projects. Those who can draw, this may not be a concern.

Here is a script I just received:

"Tony is watching TV with his eyes closing

Tony suddenly wakes up and dashes to the phone

Tony has a anxious look on his face as he dials the number

Tony gets a busy signal is now  upset"

And so on

With video scribe I would struggle doing a whiteboard with the above script. First off, the word animation is misleading. When a customer sees that word, they think you can animate anything you want (make a person walk, jump, pick up a phone, etc).

Another problem is when they use one character with different expressions (sad, happy, upset, crying, etc). If you can draw this is not a problem, but finding the same image with different expressions is not easy.

So for all those out there who use video scribe and can't draw, I would love to get your input and thoughts on script styles.  I guess I need to study "writing styles" because I'm clueless when it comes to trying to advise someone how to write their script for Video Scribe.

Any thoughts?


If you are just looking for a source of custom images, try posting a project on Many artists there can create images for you at low cost.

Regarding scripts, it sounds like your current business model is "You write the script, and I'll make a Scribe out of it for a little bit of money." Consider moving up to, "Tell me what you want to accomplish, I'll create a video for you for a little more money." Then you write the script. The bigger the problem you can solve, the more you can charge.

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