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VideoScribe need to support UNICODE Languages

There is NO WAY to make a video using unicode font languages unless using additional software to create SVG texts for that unicode languages text scripts... 

In my Vietnamese language everything seem unsolve able with this problem.

Please kindly consider to add this feature in the new version as soon as possible.

I have found that extended Latin Unicode characters do work, if I select the desired font. Videoscribe lets you import any font installed on your computer. Sometimes the spacing may not look right when it looks fine in a document. 

Thank you for your respond, i have tried to import the font, when i typing it show right but when i click accept, the charater change. It can not reconige ô, á, ấ, ư... special unicode char.

I see that. I can't get ấ to display either. (Unicode 1EA5).

VideoScribe team -- can you comment on this issue? 

We are currently working to overhaul the font system, part of which will be the inclusion/support of many more languages/characters. Watch this space!

So is there any update on this issue,

Some other software they are using the font importing to solve this problem.

Hope you can fix this issue in the next release.

Thank you

Hi, you can import any font you like into VideoScribe but unfortunately at this point not all characters are supported and therefore some do not work in full. A list of the fonts we currently support is available here. In terms of an update it is something that is on our roadmap but it's not reached the stage of sizing the work and estimating a release date for the functionality yet. 

v2.3.5 was released this week and contains a significant number of extra characters. See for the full picture and a download link for v2.3.5. We also have a full list of the character sets now supported in VideoScribe as well.


Just a footnote to this! As well as downloading VideoScribe v2.3.5 you will also need to delete your font from VideoScribe and re-import it into v2.3.5 so the extra characters are imported for that font. 

Import fonts


We are aware this is not the end and we are still working on this and have stories in the pipeline for more language support but this a step forward and thought you would be interested

I have a problem with my native language as well, because I have uploaded a whole family of fonts and only one can display this áéíóú while the rest result in ERROR. 

Please fix this, the font name is Titillium

Rena, those characters are supported in VideoScribe v2.3.5 (please make sure you are on the right version - Check your VideoScribe version number) so if they are not working then there are two options here. 

1. When you imported the font you did not select the character set needed to import those characters. Looks to me like the characters you are selecting are within the Latin alphabet so if you delete the font and then re-import it with Latin Extended selected you should be fine.

2. If you still cannot use those characters then the font you are importing does not contain them or has been built incorrectly and they are not against the right code point. In which case it's the font that is at fault and not VideoScribe and you will need to find another font.

hello.I encountered this error, how to fix it. One or more INput charaters are not support by the selected font. They can remain in the element but will not be displayed on the cavas

hello.I encountered this error, how to fix it. One or more INput charaters are not support by the selected font. They can remain in the element but will not be displayed on the cavas

33.2 KB

Hi Huyền

Please see your instant answer here for information on supported character sets here.

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