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Removing VideoScribe logo in Pro Version

Hey, initially I had believed that the videoscribe logo would be removed once we buy the PRO version, but the logo is still visible... How to remove it, its quite annoying ? I have tried to save the scribe with new name and tried to open it again but still the issue exists. I am using 2.2.1 version, it will be great to get some feedback as I need to complete a video in next 5 hours. I thought logo will disapper when I render the video but it doesn't. 

For the desktop version of the software, after your account has been successfully upgraded to PRO and you have restarted videoscribe, the logo will no longer appear in videos that you render. The change is automatically made when you log in as a PRO member.

In other words:
1) make sure you upgraded to PRO and not EDUcational. (The logo cannot be removed for EDU accounts.)
2) make sure your payment was processed successfully. and is not "pending" or "declined"
3) make sure you are logging into the upgraded account if you had more than one account
4) restart videoscribe and log back in after the upgrade is completed.
5) re- render your video.

If all else fails, RAISE A customer support TICKET

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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