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Little White Bar

Hi All,

I have a scribe with screenshots laid one on top of another. To create the sequence, I just copied the first element and then changed the picture and timing. There are 22 of them, but only 20 of them work correctly. Whenever I try to add the 21st, a narrow solid white rectangular box appears outside of the screenshot, but still in the video, overlaid on top of one of the background graphics. It doesn't matter which element I copy or which order I paste it, the 21st screenshot always puts in the little white bar. Any ideas on what is causing it or how I can prevent it?


Hi Sean,

This is a bug that affects layered images. There is a limit to the amount of images that can be layered before the bottom element becomes a white rectangle. The limit is 24 layers.

There is no workaround for this at the moment but we are working on a fix.

Hi Sean,
You could try stacking the first 10 or 12 in one stack and then stack the remaining ones on another part of the canvas.


You could arrange your images in several rows of 5 or 6 images. Leave little space between the screenshots, and just move the camera from each one to the next. Set your transition time and move-in time and pauses as desired.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks for the replies, good to know what is causing it so a work around can be thought of. Hope it gets fixed soon.


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