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my scribe always zooms in with each new image; how can I prevent this!

 Hi  I built my 1st scribe; the problem is that  the camera zooms in every single time I add an image; I am not sure how to prevent this!  I saw a similar post here but the person posted 'never mind, figured it out' but without lettin gus know how!  nor did!

You need to set the camera to the same position for multiple elements. To do this get the camera into the desired position and select all the elements in that view that you would like to have that camera position. To select multiple elements at once control click on the elements on the canvas. Then select the set camera icon  in the bottom right corner. This will set the same camera position for all the selected elements.

I have attached a video here that shows how this is done. I have also attached the scribe that this has been done too.

I hope this helps.

If you would like the camera to not zoom in more for each image, then you might want to click the "LIKE" link in the following suggestion/feature request thread:

Set Camera... AUTOMATICALLY (at it's current location) upon import

(the "LIKE" button is at the bottom of the first post in the thread)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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