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Why isn't my file being rended completely?

 I saved my completed project but every time I render to video file it does not come out complete. Its only playing 25%-50% of the completed video as if nothing else was there. I did it with background music and without background music along with different tries on other pc's.

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Please save the scribe you are having this issue with to your online directory (cloud icon) and let us know the name. We can then take a look at it for you.

The name is PMA2.


I have the same problem... The name is SEO1 in seo folder

Hi William,

There is currently an issue with rendering scribes that are memory intensive (as yours is) to the WMV format which contain voiceover and soundtrack. The WMV rendering process is more memory intensive than other formats and we believe this is the reason that it fails to work. The workaround at the moment is to render the scribe as a MOV or FLV and convert to a WMV using video conversion software.

The WMV rendering issue is something we are currently working on a fix for.

I will look at yours scribe next, Nestor.

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