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The "Hand on glass from behind"


Dumb question - but I can no longer find the hand that draws from behind, like on a piece of glass.

How do I find it?!


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Hi Bruce,

That particular hand is no longer available in VideoScribe but I have attached a scribe here that contains the hand. If you import the scribe you will be able to use the behind glass hand in your scribes.

Import scribe files:

On the project screen, select the folder icon in the bottom right.

Select your scribe on your computer and click 'Open'. The scribe will open in VideoScribe

Thanks Matthew!

That's a shame - as I always thought that was one of the most useful hands allowed you to, for example, have a visual "dialogue" between two people, or two points of view.

Thanks for the download.


What?  Did you really get rid of the behind glass writings?  I've paid for this now for several years and the feature is gone.  Your instructions above don't work either.  

What now?

Another program?

You can still set a hand to draw from behind glass, we just removed that hand for some reason (I'm not sure why).

The instructions do work, if you import the scribe and play it back that hand will appear in the hand selection screen. You can then use it in different scribes.

I too, need to use the behind the glass hand.  I was able to import your file but only that image draws from behind??  If you use other text it reverts to the from behind look...  Is their a manual work around option?

After you have imported the scribe provided above, that hand should exist in your hands library.
Then I believe you can view the image properties menu for any element in a scribe, and click the hand icon to choose the behind-glass-hand for that element then save the changes.

Furthermore, if you make custom hands, or edit existing hands, I think you can assign "hand behind glass" (but it will only look right if your hand images are "palm facing outward toward the viewer".

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I too love the hand behind glass look. I tried importing the project into my account and the hand behind glass is nowhere to be found. All I got is a blank scribe that says "HAND" in red basic text...

Am I missing something? I even looked under each of the hand and pen options. I also tried checking and unchecking the "behind glass" option. Please help.

Thank you!

what happens when you play the scribe that says hand in red text?


If you are referring to the scribe I attached 2 years ago, I just imported that scribe and the text was black for me not red so maybe you had a different one?

When I opened that scribe the behind glass hand was populated into my recently used hand history. It appears after the 'zipper hand'.


I've saved and re-exported the scribe containing the hand and attached it here. Please could you import the scribe into VideoScribe and check if it works with this one (and let me know the colour of the text!).

Hi! Thank you for attaching the file again! And yes it worked!! This time the files were in a zip folder, so when I imported the file into VideoScribe I got everything. The file from 2 years ago wouldn't import into VideoScribe, because it downloaded into 3 parts, therefore Videoscribe wouldn't recognize 2 of the 3 files. The fact that they were all zipped this time allowed me to get everything! Thank you again!

I love video scribe

I can"t add The "Hand on glass from behind" in video scribe.

Please help me,sir

I can"t add The "Hand on glass from behind" in video scribe.

Please help me,sir


Matthew has already provided a .scribe file including the hand, and instructions for how to use the file.

1) Download the .scribe file that Matthew provided

2) next, follow the instructions in the link that Matthew provided, to import the .scribe file

3) then, open the hands menu, and look for the hand as shown in the screenshot Matthew provided.

If you are having trouble, please provide a better description each step of the process that you are doing and which steps you don't understand

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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