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Saving doesn't work

Yesterday I finished a 3 hours-work-scribe. I saved it under a different name because I already noticed that saving a scribe under the same name, because that doesn't always work. Well, this doesn't work either. The newly saved file with the different name is exactly the same file as the old one. In other words, all the work (3 hours) is lost.

Well, I thought, there is always the autosave: every three minutes. But no.

I'm sorry, but this is so disapointing. I'm using your program professionally and have got a yearly subscription. Please let me know when this bug is solved.



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Be sure to tell support what version of videoscribe you are using and what operating system it is installed on.  Also provide more information such as:
1) Are you working on more than one computer?
2) Did you save locally or online?
3) Was videoscribe closed in between the time you saved the scribe and the time you discovered your work was lost?
4) Is it possible that you closed videoscribe while the scribe was still trying to save?

Just to clarify the way autosave backup works:  In Version 2, you only see the autosave back up file if videoscribe crashes or is closed and then restarted. Upon restart you are given the option to retrieve the most recent backup. if you click the check mark it is restored, if you click the X then it is deleted. Please note that autosave does NOT update your named saved files for you. You have to MANUALLY save your work.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I am getting the same issue . It is very confusing to save my work the folder path which i have given contains no file even it doesnt show my latest work i have done.

Hi Mike,

thanks for your reply.

I'm using a Mac (OSX 10.8.5) and VideoSribe 2.2.0.

1) No
2) locally
3) Yes
4) No

I never had this kind of issues while using the older version(s) of VideoScribe.

Hi there. There is an issue where an autosave would overwrite a locally saved scribe if there is a recovery after a crash and the autosave backup is loaded and then saved with a different name. For example you have a scribe with the letter a on it and you save that scribe with the name 'A'. You then add a letter b to the scribe and the autosave happens but you do not save the scribe manually. Then you close down videoscribe, open it again and get a message saying 'There were unsaved changes when VideoScribe last shut down, do you want to recover your project?', you click on the checkmark/tick icon and the scribe loads containing the letters a and b. You then save the scribe with the name 'B' and exit the scribe. You see that the scribe named 'A' on the project screen shows that there is just the letter a on the thumbnail but if you open it you will see that there is an a and a b on the scribe - the file has been overwritten with the autosave so you have two identical scribes on the project screen.

This issue would not explain why you would lose 3 hours of work. If the autosave was active and you chose to recover from the autobackup and then saved the scribe with a different name the data from the last backup would be saved which would only be 3 minutes ago if the autosave is set to 3 minutes.

We are working on a fix for this issue and it is a very high priority for us.

I have converted this into a support ticket and will investigate further. Luuk, please could you send in your support log to help us investigate this issue further. If anyone else is having this issue please submit a support ticket and send us your support log, letting us know the details of the issue and that you have sent in the log. There is a video attached here that shows how to submit the log.

This topic will be locked now so we can deal with this on a case by case basis using the ticket system, so please submit a support ticket if you are having this issue and we will look into it for you.

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